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Basic Overview:

1) Consignments splits are dependent on the final purchase price of a fashion item. Consignor gets:

•50% of the purchase price for a sale less than $1000
•60% of the purchase price for a sale above $1,001

2) Upscale designers, gently worn, no more than three years old, clean, pressed, on hangers, and ready to be sold. All fashion items will be priced at our discretion.

3) Checks are printed once a month for items sold the preceding month. Amounts less than $10 will be accrued unless an explicit check request is made. Checks are ready by the 10th of the month and an email will be sent to notify the Consignor when the check is ready for pick up. It’s Chic Again! Consignment, LLC is not responsible for any undelivered or mis-delivered emails. Checks can be mailed upon request. We are not responsible for any checks lost or stolen in the mail. Consignor is responsible for any stop payment fees prior to check reprint; currently this fee is $35 and is subject to change without notice. Checks are valid for 150 days from date of issue. A service fee of $5 will apply for any check reprints. Consignors do not get paid on layaway items until payment has been received in full. No cash payments, NO EXCEPTIONS. Any check(s) not cashed or picked up after 12 months from issue will become property of It’s Chic Again! Consignment, LLC.

4) At the end of the consignment period (70 days) it is the responsibility of the Consignor that wish their items returned to notify us by phone or email by the pick up/expiration date. It’s Chic Again! Consignment, LLC is not responsible for any undelivered or mis-delivered emails. When the items are ready for pickup the consignor will receive a courtesy email or phone call when items are ready for pickup. The consignor has 7 days for pick up. Items left after 7 days will become the property of It’s Chic Again! Consignment LLC and can continue to be sold or donated to a charity of our choice. Consignors will not be paid for items sold after this date. Consignor is ultimately responsible in keeping track on when their items expire, if we do not receive notification for pick up by the “Pick Up/Expiration Date”, items will be donated to a charity of our choice.

5) Fashion items will be consigned for 70 days.  At our discretion, mark downs may not be applied to certain designer labels.  Discounts are applied on fashion items if they do not sell after 30 days:•After 30 Days 25% off
•After 45 days 50% off
•After 60 days 75% off6) It’s Chic Again! Consignment LLC is not responsible for any lost to theft, vandalism, fire, natural disasters or any other reason.Detailed Overview:New to consigning? No problem. So here is how it works. You provide us with your fabulous fashion items, and we’ll give you 50% of the sale with no hidden fees. It’s really that easy!

Consignment Times

Consignment times are by appointment only on Monday through Thursday from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm. It is by call ahead only. If you are planning to come later in the day please call us before arrival to confirm the quota has not been met. Please have the contract and itemization sheet filled out upon arrival to expedite processing times. Consignments can also be sent by UPS, FedEx, or the postal service. Unacceptable items received this way will be donated to charity or returned at the consignor’s expense. Please contact us before shipping.

What we are looking for…

It’s Chic Again! specializes in high end, designer label women’s, men’s and girls clothing and accessories. ALL consignments MUST have a designer label or stamp intact.  This includes special occasion attire. All clothing must be in season, of current styling, cleaned, pressed and on hangers. Accessories such as belts, hats, scarves, jewelry, and shoes are accepted only if they have never been worn or only very slightly worn.Any item requiring dry cleaning will be cleaned at the consignor’s expense.We take items seasonally that are clean, fresh, in perfect condition, and are no more than three seasons old. The only exceptions to this rule are ChanelHermesLouis VuittonPrada and like items. We take items by these designers that are older or as we say… Vintage…and only if they are in pristine condition. These are classics ladies!!

We cannot guarantee that we will accept all items — we make choices based on our knowledge of shopper preferences and our existing inventory. Please no items from discount stores like Walmart, Kmart, Target, Kohls, Sears, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, JC Pennys, and Old Navy. In an effort to be fair with all our Consignors we can only accept 20 garments at a time. Garments need to be cleaned, pressed, and on hangers. We will return your hangers to you upon request.

We prefer items to be left with us for 70 days. However, the merchandise belongs to the consignor until it is sold and can be returned at any time with 24-hours notice or with your permission they will be donated to a charity of our choice. An itemized list of all items we have accepted will be given to you on the day of your appointment.

Articles accepted will be placed on sale during the selling season or extended at the sole discretion of It’s Chic Again. Season end dates: Fall/Winter – end of January, Spring/Summer – end of July. Consignors must notify us at least one week prior to season end dates to reclaim seasonal items. After notification, articles must be picked up prior to season end dates or they will promptly be donated to charity, put into non-accessible storage for re-evaluation at some future time, or disposed of at the sole discretion of It’s Chic Again! RESPONSIBILITY FOR RECLAIMING UNSOLD ITEMS IS THAT OF THE CONSIGNOR. WE MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS NOTICE TO ARRANGE YOUR RECLAIM.

What we don’t want…

Unfortunately we cannot accept uncleaned, unpressed, or stained clothing with missing buttons, frayed linings, rips, tears, moth holes, broken zippers and items of outdated styles. Shoes that have scuff marks and worn excessively. No garbage bags or laundry hampers of clothes. (It will cost little to get these items repaired or cleaned…which will only give you more money in your pocket when you are able to consign them)It’s Chic Again! will make all reasonable efforts to provide a safe and pleasant environment for your consignments. However all items are consigned at your own risk. Its’ Chic Again! Consignment, LLC or its employees cannot be held liable for items lost to theft, vandalism, fire, natural disasters or any other reason.


It’s Chic Again! prices your fashion items at our discretion and Consignors will receive 50% of the final selling price. With no additional hidden fees. Our goal is to maximize your return and there are absolutely NO HIDDEN fees. We will generally consign your fashion items for 70 days. Your items will be at full price the first 30 days. If not sold by then, it will be discounted by 25% for the next 15 days. If your item still has not sold it will further be reduced by another 25% for another 15 days.  If the item has not sold after 60 days you can opt for a final effort at 75% off for another 10 days after which we will donate it to charities mentioned unless a request is made to pick it up. If a request is made for pick up, a courtesy email or phone call will be placed to the Consignor for item pick up when the items are ready. Consignor has 7 days for pick up after which  all items left will become the property of It’s Chic Again! Consignment, LLC.

Getting Paid

Now to the most important part, getting PAID! Payments are made by the 10th of the month for items sold in the preceding month. We pay by check and you have the option to have your check mailed to you.  It’s Chic Again! cannot be held responsible for any checks that are lost or stolen. All stop payments on checks will be at your expense. We look forward to helping you consign your fashion items. Call us at 804-897-CHIC (804-897-2442) or email for more information.